Latest Health News

Morecambe Bay Inquiry

In a recent inquiry termed the Morecambe Bay Inquiry, the chair of the committee noted that the Government is looking for short term remedies instead of focusing on long term goals. As the Nursing Times pointed out, almost a year after the Furness general hospital inquiry which found that at least 10 babies and one mother died due to failures in its maternity ward, only 10 out of the 26 recommendations were actually carried out. However, the Government has simply gone on to accept all of the recommendations made in the past by inquiry committees in order to escape the backlash from the public. The result is that the solutions accepted were unrealistic even if ideal. As the Morecambe Bay Inquiry has highlighted, the Government should focus on taking ideas that can be implemented, rather than ones that are forced on by the public.

Humanitarian Crisis

Another recent report, post by the Red Cross on its website pointed out how inadequately staffed the NHS is to handle normal workloads. It was found that Red Cross was actually using Land Rovers to transfer patients all over the country during the last winter. Although the government has responded by saying that the load increases during the winter, that is hardly an excuse the healthcare system of UK should be making. Opposition party leaders have called forth for more budgets to be pushed into the healthcare sector despite the claims of the current administration that it has already injected more than £400 million.

Revolutionary New Microscope documents living nerve synapses

A new microscope that is able to further our boundaries of science has been invented. The researchers at Washington University School located in St Louis have been able to study synapses in much more detail than ever before with the help of a custom-made microscope. The microscope is so sensitive, that it is able to able to analyse live neurons from up close. As they have said, this is a monumental work in understanding the brain and how it works. The whole process can benefit several major brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression significantly by studying when and how the synapses fire during the problems.

Avoiding Diabetes and Obesity

Always wanted that toned down body, but do not feel like hitting the gym? You might be in luck as researchers at the St Louis University in Missouri claim to be developing a pill that simulates muscle metabolism. Simply put, it will tell your body that it has worked out even if you have done nothing but sit on the couch. The result is that the genes which get activated during workouts will be activated, in turn burning your pesky fat without you having to workout.

Dogs can sniff out cancer

Human beings have always taken inspiration from nature in order to solve problems. The latest in this line of inspirations seem to come from our favourite 4 legged canine friends. German Shepherds are able to sniff out cancer simply by sniffing bandages 100% of the time, a new study has found. This is expected to revolutionise cancer detection in countries where mammograms are hard to conduct, says, researchers. They went on to say that this was possible only after 6 months of training. The motivation was that dogs with far superior noses than us would be able to pick out cancerous cells with much higher accuracy. The results were astounding, with absolute accuracy recorded by 2 German shepherds, trained with the game playing and reward model.