Is Physiotherapy Provided by Private Health Experts Effective?

If you have suffered an injury that has kept you away from work and being able to carry out normal daily activities, receiving a tailored physiotherapy programme from private health experts can speed up the healing process and would do so safely.

UK and Health

UK and Health

A lot of people throughout the UK do not realise they may be entitled to free physiotherapy aftercare which would help speed up their recovery. Many injuries leave you with some long-term health issues whether it is because the muscles in an affected leg have become weaker due to being in a cast for a long period of time, or your back is weakened due to wearing a brace during the healing process. Physiotherapy is an essential part of your rehabilitation and when a programme is tailored to suit your needs, it could get you back to work and able to carry out normal daily activities that much sooner.

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What are the Benefits of a Tailored Physiotherapy Programme Set Up by Health Experts?

Tailored physiotherapy treatments are an effective way of getting you back to work following an accident that left you injured and although the NHS provides physio programmes to patients who need extensive rehabilitation, the private health experts offer programmes that are put together to suit your specific needs. Whether you suffered a serious injury to your leg that needed surgery or you fractured a hand in a road traffic accident, the chances are you would be off work for a considerable amount of time.


A report carried out a few years ago, suggested that people who had access to tailored physiotherapy programmes were able to return to work that much sooner avoiding extended absences from their jobs. The Frost-Black report brought to light the cost of ill-health to businesses both in the private and public sector and how physiotherapy provided by private health experts could address the problem.

It is also worth noting that employers in the UK have a legal duty to ensure that their staff’s health in protected in the workplace and this covers anyone who has needed to undergo surgery. If you suffered an injury and you are not happy with an NHS diagnosis and treatment, you could be entitled to receive free private physiotherapy aftercare in your area which could get you back on the road to recovery and work much sooner safely.

Could a Tailored Physio Programme Get Me Back to Work Sooner, Safely?

A tailored physio programme would incorporate specific exercises to suit your particular needs. A private health expert would work hard to get you back to your former self following an accident that left you injured and would do so safely. Studies have shown that your benefit from this type of rehabilitation both physically and mentally.

Research has also established that people who are able to work well, enjoy overall better health and wellbeing. As such, private sector health experts play an essential role in providing rehabilitation services to people who sustain an injury or who suffer from a long-term health issue that could otherwise keep them out of the workplace.

Millions of people throughout the UK do not realise they could qualify for free private physiotherapy aftercare following an accident that left them with either a minor or more serious injury. Receiving a tailored physio programme that incorporates specific physiotherapy exercises to suit your specific needs, could help speed up your recovery whether you suffered a severe broken leg or some other injury that kept you off work for an extended period of time.

A Case Study Demonstrating the Benefits of Tailored Physiotherapy Programmes

The County Council in Staffordshire commissioned a company of physiotherapy health experts in the private sector to reduce the level of absences due to sickness they were experiencing in the workplace. A programme was set in place which entailed a professional physiotherapist getting in touch by phone with the employee who was off work with 24 hours. During the phone call, the employee was provided with “self-management” advice which included doing specific physiotherapy exercises. Following this an appointment was arranged so the physiotherapist could meet the employee face to face.

The result of what is now known as a “rapid physiotherapy programme” having been set in place, was a decrease of 1,000 lost working days a month for Staffordshire County Council which translated to a saving of £100,000.

Useful links

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